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I do not do withdraws on Sunday

You do not need to send me a message when you put in a withdraw

I Always have Admin up

If you see I am online then i can see when you put one in

I process withdraws fast the site will say 2-3 days to process

But that is in case i need time to get funds in correct accounts you 

Are requesting in

You may put in 1 Withdraw a day

Max is $30 per withdraw 

Minimum is $5

I have added the following for longevity of SHC

You have a 2nd wallet recurring

When you submit a withdraw it will deduct on the following


You will receive 20% in recurring wallet to use to purchase more positions

There is $1(admin fee)

It is not for Admin

It is for the Team

Gonzo(William Parliament )is in charge of this

To invest it to make us more to keep new money flowing into SHC

Remember if you withdraw all and do not keep purchasing more positions

You will not be earning like others

Please watch what you withdraw so you have to buy more to keep you cycling

It will help not only yourself but the whole Team


This is very important

To keep adding more to SHC to keep us moving nice and steady 

With the Admin Fee also will be starting a Contest that one member has suggestd

But I need a few days as i just had surgery on my right shoulder blade and it is very swollen

And a lot of pain so I will do that as soon as it starts to heal 

I am in the process of doing a google doc you can go to for links, info, withdraws paid will be easier for you to copy links

also see our contest page

Lets have a Great Launch