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Welcome to our new addition to SHC

It is  on a spreadsheet

Easy to view 

Company Forced


3 Levels

$5.00 per each position

To join do the following


First link fill out join form

Pick what processor and how many you want

Send fees 

Use  2nd link to send in Receipt

Once I receive I will place you on the spreadsheet

As you cycle i will send out the withdraws

On the spreadsheet will show each level,updates and withdraws sent

I am adding banners in back office of SHC to help promote

Try to get 2 more members to purchase or buy addition 2 positions

This will help us move faster

I have already started adding members so as i receive i will add you

This can be very Fast if we get enough to join in

It is straight line so as 2 positions purchased it will move one on top to next level

Come join the fun and earn $40 per each cycle

New Beginnings 1

$5 To Start


New Beginnings 2


New Beginnings 3


To use this promotion can share this link


Here is a PDF i did to help promote

Adding in more banners in site today

If you haven't joined us at SHC go here to join

Santa Holiday Cash 


NOT Over after Holidays

We will be here Year Round

We have a Facebook Group and Skype Room

To join go to these links

Wishing Everyone a Wonderful Holiday Season